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Brand Strategy Consulting in India- Experts in Brand Design, Branding & ATM Kiosk Design

If you’re a large international bank that wants to set the global benchmark or you’re a young bank that wants to challenge the status quo, you have come to the right place.

We are experts in bank design, branding, and brand strategy consulting in india have worked with some of the world’s very best financial retailers including Garanti, UniCredit and Nationwide.

We look at every aspect of your customer experience from your brand and how its personality is expressed to your branch format strategy and how it integrates with your digital touch-points.

Our work has been responsible for delivering significant improvements in business performance and levels of customer satisfaction. These increases in business performance have been delivered by improving the six key ingredients that make any great experience: brand, products, services, people, processes and environment.

Our approach includes a 360° consulting service and unique methodology that will identify your current problems and create well thought-out solutions that will exceed your customers’ expectations and deliver improved business performance.

Our 17+ years of experience working with executive banking teams all over the world allows us to create solutions for a wide variety of specialist areas such as branch format strategies, product process re-engineering, staff training and digital technology.

Any new project requires robust measurement and evaluation of results. At I-AM we have a patented evaluation methodology, delivered by our Insight team, that will put in place key metrics for pre- and post-implementation performance measurement.

I-AM Brand Strategy Consulting India. We offer Brand Creation, Refresh Branch Format Strategy, Branch Design & Architecture, Merchandising Strategy Product Buying, Process Queue Management, Customer Journey Analysis, ATM Kiosk Design UX/Digital, Interface Design, Omni-channel Integration and architecture and design company india
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July 19, 2016
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